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July 22 to 28 2019


The Intensive Independent International Amateur Academy is a fiercely interdisciplinary amateur academy. 
It aims to cross-pollinate unlikely members of different professional backgrounds through a non-bureaucratic, non-hierarchical and material orientated approach. We understand the IIIAA as an experimental platform for exploring new forms of knowledge exchange, with a focus on everyday and practical working relationships with the materials and research topics of the respective practitioner. 

The IIIAA was initiated by Kasia Fudakowski and Philipp Modersohn in 2018. 
Marietta Auras joined the team in 2019. 
Find the program of the IIIAA 2018 here


In a time in which we receive ever more feedback from the things with which we live and work, be that plant, element, slime mould, animal, or audience, we ask what might be the aims and desires of trees, cheese, concrete, jokes etc.? Are our attempts to control and manipulate, in fact enabling other unintended narratives to emerge and how should we respond? 

Through scheduling a chain of diverse speakers, who stick around for a drink, we hope to create a lively and messy conversation across traditional, professional divides. Each weekday evening we want to combine two speakers (both invited guest speakers and from our open call, 14 speakers in total) to present their ideas in front of an open audience. 


The IIIAA II is coming soon! 
July 22 to 28 2019 at Salon am Moritzplatz, Berlin

Currently confirmed speakers (by invitation):
Dr. Jose Luis Cuellar Camacho, Bio physicist. FU Berlin
Julian Schubert, Something Fantastic, architecture studio, Berlin
Leonie Haenchen, Risk Communication and Crisis Journalism, Thessaloniki
Katharina Haider, art conservator, restorer and plastics specialist
a cheese maker, a comedian and a lawyer, still to be confirmed

The call for participation is open until June 21. 
if you want to contribute an amateur-expert topic to the presentations

Check out the OPEN CALL at: